How to supply content to the media

I recently asked a bunch of people for info and images for a trade magazine article.

What came back was crazy. 

Powerpoint presentations, glamour shots, pdfs and enormous files that would crash the Pentagon’s servers.

Here’s the thing: we don’t need all of that.

We just want your info in a Word doc or an email, and your images high res – meaning around 1MB in size so when we publish the pic, it’s not pixellated – jpegs. We would prefer it if you sent it via a download link rather than as an attachment.

If we ask for a headshot, send a headshot.

If we ask for 400 words, send no more than 450 words.

If we ask you questions, please answer them underneath the original questions.

Please do not send us a page of dot points that sound like they were written when you were on a Mescaline bender.

Please, please, please keep it simple and don’t design your words and pictures into a pdf.

If you aren’t sure, email us back and clarify things.

If none of this works, let us know and we can either interview you in person or over the phone, and hopefully arrange a photographer to come and shoot you.

We want to write about you. We really do. Please make it easy for us.

And if you’re sending us video, make sure it’s set to public and we’re able to embed it. Youtube is best, Vimeo is second best.




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